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How to make feta cheese in your home

Monday, September 27th, 2021

I remember with nostalgia the life in the village, the fresh air, the carefree and the joy in the simple and everyday. Most of all I miss the dairy products the feta cheese and tomato breakfast at the gargling springs. A piece of feta cheese, sourdough homemade bread and tomatoes from our garden were enough to make me happy.

When I have the opportunity, I knead bread as before and prepare my bag for the nearest gargling spring. I do not take much with me. A spoonful of my own feta cheese, my bread , 2-3 tomatoes and a few Kalamon olives is exactly what I crave. I go up to Parnitha , I set up my hammock among the pines in the forest of Mola next to the spring and I live unique moments of relaxation and bliss .

Yes, I tell you the truth! I make my own feta cheese in the kitchen of my house just like they used to do in the old days, that is, in the sheepfolds, directly after milking the animals. The recipe is from the region of Messinia and generally of the N. Peloponnese where they make cheese from goat’s and sheep’s milk. Specifically, “SFELA” is the traditional PDO. feta cheese of Messinia and Laconia. Its name comes from the way the cheese mass is cut into strips (Sfela = strip).

Easily, in the simple traditional way and all its secrets.

You will need sheep’s milk or goat or a mixture of these two, cheese rennet, a wooden spoon, cheese bag – “cheesecloth”, mold and fork. Because it’s a bit difficult to have a mold and a fork, anyway I do not have one, I will tell you what you can use alternatively.

In the instructions that follow I will be as detailed as possible but if you have no experience and have not happened to watch someone coagulate feta cheese I think it would be very useful to see the relevant video at the end of the text. It includes memories, practices, words, tools and much more, with reference to the coagulation of the cheese, from milking to its consumption.

If you live in a city and find it difficult to find fresh sheep’s milk from a sheepfold, I have the solution for you! You can get it from dairy stations or from small breweries that make yogurt from sheep’s milk.

There you will find in addition to fresh milk, feta and other cheeses produced by them, strained yogurt and other goodies. Do not forget to try the wonderful bagel cheese from goat’s milk . Cheese with unique taste, special character and taste that has been distinguished with a taste award. Goat feta cheese lovers will love it!

Ingredients for 2 to 3 large pellets (parallel strips about 700 gr. Per pc.)

  • 5 liters of fresh milk (sheep or goat or sheep or goat)
  • 0.3 gr. rennet for cheese
  • salt crushed
  • little water


Milk the milk, drain it with a bag (folded in two) to remove any foreign bodies (animal hair, etc.) and pasteurize it.


Put the milk in a saucepan with a thick bottom and heat it in a medium heat until its temperature rises to 65 degrees Celsius . Stir here and there with a wooden spoon with a flat finish, scraping the bottom of the pot so that the milk does not stick. If we do not have a thermometer we control the temperature with our hand. When we dip our index finger in the milk and can not stand the temperature it is ready. Also, when the milk reaches this temperature you will see that it starts to steam (be careful not to boil) and a little foam forms on its surface.


If we pasteurize the milk, i.e. we have heated it to 65 degrees Celsius, we let it cool and its temperature drops to 35 degrees Celsius . Empirically we understand that milk is ready for coagulation when we dip our finger and feel it warm (lukewarm), neither hot nor cold .
In a glass with a little water (about 5 tbsp) pour 0.3 g. rennet for cheese (on the tip of a knife) and half a cup. salt. Mix well to melt the salt and rennet and add them to the milk, stirring vigorously and quickly to make a good homogenization.
Cover with the bag and let the mixture thicken. If the ambient temperature is around 27 to 32 degrees Celsius, the milk will thicken in about 1 hour. In winter, in the cold months, it may take up to 2 hours.


Check the milk if it has thickened by pressing the surface with your finger. If we see that the whey “pops” and appears on the surface then it is ready for the next step. With the wooden utensil – ladle carve the curd to the bottom of the pot in large squares. Let it rest for 10΄ , to “sit” the curd or “stringgliata” as it was called in the villages of Messinia. Then mix it to break into smaller pieces and let it cool for another 5΄ .

Then we dip our hands in the pot and collect the curd making it into a ball pushing it against the walls. Dip the feta cheese bag in the pot with its wide side stretched and pass it under the curd to enclose it and take it out of the whey. Tie the ends of the cheese bags, in pairs, and lift the curd out of the whey.

Squeeze by pressing with your hands to leave as much whey as possible and hang the bag to drain the feta cheese completely from the whey. Alternatively, place the cheese as it is with the bag in an improvised mold with holes (see exactly the process in the video) and leave it for 2 hours, until the cheese drains and tightens.

Storage – Preparation for maturation

Cut the feta cheese into slices, parallel strips – spheres and pass with salt on all sides. Place in a deep pan and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours to absorb the salt. The whey left in the pot or we will salt it and store it in the fridge to use it later to preserve the cheese or we will make mizithra with it and from the whey that will be left from the mizithra we will use it for preservation – storage – maturation of the cheese.

Then transfer the cheese to the pan where we will store it to mature. Pour in the whey that the cheese took out of the pan as it was cooking with the salt and add whey from what was left after the cheese coagulated or from the mizithra, until the cheese is well covered and covered with it. Place a plate as a weight to keep the cheese constantly below the surface of the whey and store it in the refrigerator. Let it mature for 3 months. Then and only then can we consume it raw safely.

Good luck in your feta cheese factory !!!

Read more about dairy products and dairy machinery:


The Emmys Best Dressed 2021

Monday, September 20th, 2021

With a return to a reside red carpet at the 73rd Emmys, we have been handled to a evening of showstopping appears to be like. The stars turned out in some significant-stakes outfits to accompany a single of award season’s greatest occasions, and now we’re right here imagining about the glamour — and these six appears to be like in individual. With excellent colours, unanticipated cuts, and types from some of our favorites — like Christopher John Rogers — this set emerged as our greatest dressed.

Yara Shahidi gave us retro glamour in Dior, Michaela Coel surprised in megawatt Christopher John Rogers, and Cynthia Erivo remaining us breathless in a customized Louis Vuitton robe, comprehensive with a feathered educate. In the meantime, Kerry Washington confirmed off a sultry corsetted Etro gown, Anya Taylor-Pleasure wore a Dior robe healthy for royalty, and Issa Rae rather pretty much shimmered in a silver Aliétte number. Forward, get a closer look at the most memorable Emmys seems to be of the night time.

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12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Feeling sexy is a year-long occasion we love to celebrate. But, shopping for new lingerie can feel like an altogether unsexy affair. Do I want something lacy or sheer? Red or black? Expensive or more budget? Now take those usual shopping pain points and add being plus into the mix. Your options, especially at those popular retailers, start to look slim.

It’s no secret that many brands that standard-sized people rave about consistently exclude larger women from the conversation — leaving us big girls to often feel left out of many fashion spheres. Since large women deserve to feel just as sexy and confident while conquering the intimates space, we compiled a list of plus-size lingerie brands and retailers that are doing it right. We also went ahead and picked out a sultry piece from each that just might catch your eye.

Whether you’re trying to feel yourself or find some spicy new selections for your selfie-boudoir shoot, we’ve got you covered!

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.


Size Range: XS-3XL
Parade’s ultra-trendy, size-inclusive intimates are especially popular with Gen Z and younger millennials. Don’t expect lace or bows. Instead, Parade has unique drops of well-thought-out, themed collections that keep their consumers on their toes (like the summer daisy collab pictured). The brand is also focused on sustainability as much as comfort and looks — another perk for conscientious consumers.

Shop Parade

Parade Plunge Bralette Silky Lace, $, available at Parade

Parade String Cheeky Silky Lace, $, available at Parade

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder

Ashley Stewart

Size Range: Up to 3X/46H
Ashley Stewart may not be your first thought for breathtaking intimates, but there are some hidden gems at this mall standby. Like this beautiful olive green bustier bodysuit featuring no underwire and adjustable shoulder straps. Who said you had to sacrifice comfort to look snatched?

Shop Ashley Stewart

Savage x Fenty Lace Crossover Lingerie Bodysuit, $, available at Ashley Stewart

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder

Savage x Fenty

Size Range: Up to 3X/42DDD
There is one fact that remains true to this day: Rihanna can do no wrong. (This Puff Daisy set proves it.) Savage x Fenty goes up to a size 42DDD in bras and 3X in everything else, with the same styles available in both its plus and standard sizes. To get the best deals, you do have to subscribe. But, psst, there’s an alternative purchase option if you don’t want the commitment.

Shop Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty Zig Zag Zen Asymmetrical Lace Teddy, $, available at Savage x Fenty

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder


Size Range: Up to 3X
This U.K.-based, Instagram-favorite retailer offers “behind closed door” (or not) pieces that are destined for mirror selfies. This style showcases a perfect placement of lacy and sheer sections for the ultimate visual impact. PrettyLittleThing’s size offerings go up to 26 (which translates to a size 3X in U.S. measurements).

Shop PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing Plus Black Lace Stripe Cup Detail Body, $, available at PrettyLittleThing

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder

Adore Me

Size Range: Up to 4X/46G
Adore Me is an intimates retailer that sells unique to-you-styled boxes of goods as well as pieces you can purchase individually on site. This grayish-blue baby doll style is the sexy effortlessness we all crave in the perfect lingerie. The sizes here cap off at 46G and 4X.

Shop Adore Me

Adore Me Alicia Unlined Plus, $, available at Adore Me

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder

Bare Necessities

Size Range: Up to 3X/42H
Bare Necessities is on the pulse of fat girl lingerie. The brand offers a pretty large range of styles from a variety of brands, with most going up to a 3X. This pink baby doll piece is very flirty and simple at the same time. You can’t go wrong with this classic design — a timeless bedroom essential!

Shop Bare Necessities

Oh La La Cheri Plus Size Valentine Lace Babydoll Set, $, available at Oh Là Là Cheri

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder


Size Range: Up to 4X/50H
Lane Bryant’s intimate line Cacique has some eye-catching options. Take, for example, this naughty playsuit. It alsocarries tried-and-true favorites in most lingerie styles — and, the brand carries up to sizes 26-28 in underwear and up to 50H in bras.

Shop Cacique

Cacique Lace Strappy Playsuit, $, available at Cacique

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder


Size Range: Up to 2X
Boohoo has a slew of similarly sultry intimate offerings — although, unfortunately, most styles only go up to a 24 (which equates to a size 2X/3X). This black three-piece set is what dreams are made of. With heavenly lace-and-stripe detailing and a barely-there design that’s as sexy as it is effortless to slip into.

Shop Boohoo

Boohoo Plus 3 Piece Strapping Lingerie Set, $, available at Boohoo

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder


Size Range: Up to 6X
There’s more to Yandy than Halloween costumes. The brand regularly runs killer discounts and very sweet deals on plus-size lingerie. Case in point: this teal playboy bustier lace bodysuit that sets the mood without breaking the bank. Check out its stacked selection of well over 1000 plus pieces.

Shop Yandy

Playboy Playboy Plus Size Exquisite & Lovely Bustier Set, $, available at Yandy

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder


Size Range: Up to 5X
Is there anything that Amazon doesn’t carry? On top of its various home, kitchen, and beauty products, the site also offers plenty of sex lingerie; we’re talking robes, lacy bras, and cute one-pieces. This particular style goes up to a size 5X and comes in many colors — but the retailer’s other offerings can be found in sizes up to 6X. IMO, a sexy baby doll dress is perfect for any late-night sensual sesh.

Shop Amazon

ADOREJOY Lace Babydoll, $, available at Amazon

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder


Size Range: 18-30
ASOS is the ultimate trendy aggregate retailer. With so many brands available on the site, the options are (nearly) endless. This lacy bodysuit is sure to add irresistible spice to any late-night romantic vibes (or lingerie selfie).


ASOS DESIGN Curve Rosie lace underwired bodysuit in red, $, available at ASOS

12 Plus-Size Lingerie Retailers With Styles That Smolder

Fashion Nova

Size Range: Up to 4X/36DD
Fashion Nova, the ultra fashion-forward retailer, brings us a solid selection of unique lingerie styles that certainly smolder. However, let it be known, the offerings do cap at a size 4X.

Shop Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova Feels Good Being Bad 3 Piece Set – Red, $, available at Fashion Nova

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