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How to deal with ransomware attacks

Friday, January 21st, 2022
How to deal with ransomware attacks

How to deal with ransomware attacks

There is a lot of talk these days in our company MyIP experts in web hosting about ransomware extortion software. It is amazing how few people know what it means and what will happen to them if they are attacked. Here is a brief description of the steps you can take to protect yourself and what to do if the worst happens.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a category of malware used to try to extract money from its victims – blackmailing them for ransom. Most of these malware programs are designed to sit silently on your system and slowly encrypt your files. Only when they have finished encrypting will they give you a deadly alert – either you pay or you lose your files forever.

No security system is infallible. Malware is usually one step ahead of this game. If, or when, it hits you, here are some helpful tips to help you:

Step 1: Minimize the damage

First, isolate the attacked system , especially if it is connected to your network, to prevent other systems from becoming infected.

If you are an Electronic System Administrator and your servers are infected, disconnect all Ethernet cables.

Do not attempt to back up to an external drive. You may think it’s a good idea to save files that have not yet been encrypted, but this can cause malware to spread. When you insert a disk or USB into an infected computer, the malware may copy itself to the disk you just inserted.

When this drive / USB is installed on another computer, the malware can infect this system as well. Or worse, it could end up infecting your own system again after so much effort you put into cleaning it up. So the best thing to do is to isolate the attacked computer.

Step 2: Identify the type of ransomware

There are several types of ransomware. As a result, some people are more dangerous and more difficult to deal with than others. You can use different strategies to get rid of them depending on the type and characteristics of the attack. The most common types of ransomware fall into the following categories:

Scareware / Fake Antivirus

Scareware, also known as Fake Antivirus, is a category of malware that makes users believe that something is wrong with their system. Then they have to buy some other software to clean it. Of course, there is no problem with their computer and most of the time, buying some software can result in a real infection of their system.

In most cases, it works when a pop-up message appears announcing problems, such as a virus being found, the system slowing down, or registry problems that need to be resolved.

These announcements appear in bold in the center of the screen and may also contain a clickbait that redirects the user to the malware site, even if the pop-up window is closed. See an image here with an example like this:

Scareware is probably the easiest malware to deal with.

Just close your browser tab and the pop-up window will disappear. If pop-up screens appear on your operating system, you may need to locate the guilty executable file using Task Manager or an advanced process scanner. Then you can just delete it or uninstall it. If you continue to have problems, scan with an antivirus program or anti-malware program.

Ransomware that locks the screen

This ransomware category does not allow you to operate your computer unless you pay a ransom. In most cases, a full screen window appears with a warning. He may claim to be from the FBI and is involved in illegally downloading content from the internet.

In other cases, the background may be a pornographic image that cannot be changed. In this case, the blackmail aims to put the victim in a very difficult position to be forced to pay the ransom. The most advanced programs monitor user activity for a few days and display a personalized alert that looks more credible and more intimidating. See an example:

If you are infected with such malware, first try to find the executable file that caused it. In most cases, if you just press CTRL + ALT + DEL you will automatically go to the Task Manager to be able to close the program.

Even if you have deleted the executable file, it is a good idea to do a full antivirus scan to remove any traces left. If all of this does not resolve the issue, you may need to restore Windows to the state it was in before the malware appeared or when it was latent.

Ransomware that encrypts files

In the last and most dangerous category belong those programs that encrypt all your files so that you can not use them in any way if you do not pay a ransom to the blackmailers . Usually, the malware enters the victim’s system and, without realizing it, begins to encrypt all the files, making them impossible to use.

When the encryption is over, the blackmailers will demand payment to decrypt them. Today, cryptocurrencies, like bitcoinand the anonymity they provide is a great way for blackmailers to get the ransom they demand. This is the picture seen by the users who were attacked by the Wannacry malware:

It’s also good to know exactly how encryption works. This may help you to have some information on how you can decrypt and restore your files.
Most programs use a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption when running them (click here for more information on encryption types). Symmetric encryption is useful because it allows the attacker to encrypt files much faster than with asymmetric encryption. However, with asymmetric encryption, attackers only need to protect a private key. Otherwise, they will have to maintain and protect symmetrical keys for all their victims.

C + C (Command and Control) servers are generally used to communicate programs. 

Here’s how file encryption ransomware uses both symmetric and asymmetric encryption to carry out an attack :

  • A private-public key is created on the attacker’s side using any of the many available asymmetric encryption algorithms, such as RSA-256.
  • Private keys are protected by the attacker, while public ones are integrated into the ransomware program.
  • A new victim’s system is infected with ransomware. Sends the information in parallel with the unique identification system (ID) or the victim ID to the C + CIt server.
    Using one of the symmetric encryption algorithms (eg AES), the server generates and sends the symmetric key specifically to the victim’s system. The symmetric key is then encrypted using the private key.
  • The ransomware program uses the built-in public key to decrypt the symmetric – and so it begins to decrypt all the files.

Now that you know exactly how ransomware works, let’s take a look at the options you have when your system is infected

Step 3: Decide on your strategy

We mentioned above methods for removing the two categories of ransomware relatively easily.

File encryption programs are the most difficult to block. First, you need to identify the type of malware you are dealing with. Information can be hard to find for the latest programs as they are written new every day. But in most cases, you will be able to recognize it with a little research.

Try to get screenshots of the ransom note and then use the image to do a reverse search to identify the exact type of ransomware. You can also search for phrases as they are written in the note.

Decide whether or not you want to pay the ransom . While it is not right to pay cyber criminals for encouraging them to continue, sometimes your data can be so sensitive or so important that you do not want to lose it for any reason. Use your judgment and your logic and do not pay if it is not absolutely necessary.

Of course, in the worst case, you should know that there is no guarantee that you will recover your data even if you pay.

Step 4: Take action

If you can identify the details of the ransomware that has infected your computer, you will be able to find ways to remove it with a little internet research. Malware is always ineffective. The developer may have forgotten to delete the encryption key from the program that recovers and decrypts the files.

If ransomware is well known and has several “windows”, you will be able to find on the internet ways and instructions on how to remove it. So visit sites like .

Because many ransomware programs simply delete the original files after encrypting their copy, you may be able to recover them using some file recovery software. When you delete a file, you are not actually deleting it from the disk unless it has been replaced by another file. Therefore, recovery of important data is possible by using a free recovery software.

If all else fails, get ideas from others. Pay the ransom or lose your data. But of course, even if you pay, nothing guarantees your data. Only you can decide whether to rely on the good faith of those behind the ransomware attack.

You could also try to negotiate with those who attacked you using the email address on the ransom note. You will be amazed at how often he succeeds this way.

If you decide not to pay the ransom again, the next step is to clean your computer, but YOU WILL LOSE all your data forever. If you have made a backup to an external drive, DO NOT connect it to your computer before making sure that you have done a full format of the drive.

The best way to clean ransomware is to format the disk and restart the operating system from scratch. If you still do not want to take such drastic action, make sure that the ransomware has not affected the boot sector. You will find information about this on the internet.

Next, update your antivirus and do a full scan of your system. It is also a good idea to supplement your antivirus with an anti-malware program for complete protection. This will remove the ransomware forever.

Step 5: Summary

Now that you’ve got rid of ransomware, it ‘s time to find out why you were attacked. As a wise man once said: “Prevention is better than cure” and this applies more than anything else to internet security. A defense can be as powerful as the user who applies it because when there is proper protection, it is difficult for any malware to attack you.

Always be vigilant and always keep the following points in mind:

  1. Always have an updated antivirus
  2. Always check the URL of the website you are visiting.
  3. Do not run unreliable programs on your system. Also, things like broken programs, serial numbers, patches, etc. are the most common sources of malware.
  4. Do not allow unreliable sites to run executable content in your browser.
  5. Always keep your Operating System up to date. Malware, including ransomware, often spreads through unrepaired security vulnerabilities in older operating systems. A hacker, for example, could exploit a bug in Windows RDP software to gain access to the publicly connected Internet system to run malware.

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17 Hacks to Get more from your iPhone!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

17 Hacks to Get more from your iPhone!

Most IOS update on iPhones are done to fix bugs and improve the use of your iPhone mobile. For your iPhone’s protection choose a phone case (θήκες iPhone) that suits best your own unique personality.

Read below 17 things you did not know that your iPhone can do!

1. Start a Group FaceTime Phone Call

You’ve probably FaceTimed a million times with your family and friends, however have you ever before FaceTimed several of them simultaneously? Here’s how:.

  • Open the FaceTime app on your apple iPhone.
  • Touch the + button on the top right of your screen.
  • Enter the name or number of the person you intend to call first.
  • Go into approximately 30 extra contacts.
  • Tap Video Clip or Sound to position your FaceTime telephone call.

2. Gain Access To the Calculator Faster

If you need to do mathematics on the fly yet do not intend to open up the calculator app, there’s a faster means you didn’t learn about!

  • Swipe right over the residence display, lock screen, or while you’re looking at your alerts.
  • Enter the operation.
  • Your apple iPhone will certainly calculate it for you.

This item of advice will certainly be available in useful when you require to figure out the pointer at the restaurant.

3. Expand Battery Life Quickly

There’s a setup on your apple iPhone called “Low Power Setting” that you might not know about. It lowers power consumption by shutting off a number of battery draining features like dimming the display much faster, retrieving e-mail much less regularly, and shutting off history application refresh. Here’s how you can turn it on so you can get more battery life:.

  • Open up the Settings application.
  • Tap “Battery”.
  • Enable Reduced Power Mode.

4. Make Your iPhone Flash When You Obtain an Alert

If you prefer to have an aesthetic cue over an acoustic one, you should know that your iPhone’s LED light can in fact flash anytime you get sounded. Simply make sure you do not have the setting on at a theatre! Here’s how you can turn the setting on:.

  • Open your setups application.
  • Tap “General”.
  • Faucet “Availability”.
  • Scroll down a bit.
  • Faucet “Enable LED Flash for Alerts”.

5. There’s a surprise cam level deep in the apple iPhone’s settings that’ll come in convenient for when you’re taking overhead shots of your stuff

To turn the function on:

  • Settings.
  • Scroll down some.
  • Faucet “Video camera”.
  • Make it possible for the Grid.

When you hold your phone over something to take a photo, two cross-hairs will appear– a white one as well as a yellow one. When they align, your picture is level!

6. Stop Apps from Asking for Feedback

As high as responses and also reviews are very important for App designers, it can be incredibly bothersome when you are disrupted by a popup requesting you to rank the application or leave comments. Good news is that there is currently a setting to place an end to the consistent pestering!

  • Open your Settings application.
  • Faucet iTunes & Application Store.
  • Toggle In-App Rankings & Testimonials to “Off”.

7. Personalize sms Message When You Neglect a Call

We get it… you’re hectic and also sometimes you need to disregard a phone call. However as opposed to leaving your close friends and liked ones hanging, the least you can do is send a text. Occasionally you don’t have time for that. To assist, your apple iPhone has three pre-written alternatives (” Sorry, I can not speak today,” “I’m on my way,” as well as “Can I call you later?”), and certainly the switch that allows you type your very own message. You may not have recognized you can tailor and also overwrite the various other 3 alternatives. Below is how:.

  • Open your Settings application.
  • Tap “Phone”.
  • Faucet “Respond with Text”.
  • Faucet which area you want to edit.
  • Get in brand-new message.

8. Set a Timer Faster

If you count greatly on your iPhone timer like we do, you must understand that there’s a quicker way to accessibility it!

  • Swipe down on your display to access the Nerve centre.
  • As opposed to touching the timer, press as well as hold it.
  • Swipe your finger as much as increase the time.
  • Tap “Start”.

9. Produce a Custom Memoji

You’re most likely already acquainted with Animoji, now you can develop your very own personalized computer animated avatars called Memoji– that looks much like you. Memoji are a foolish but personable and enjoyable brand-new means to communicate with your family and friends. Right here’s just how you can produce and customize among your own:.

  • Open your messages application.
  • Tap the animoji icon with the monkey on it.
  • Swipe right to the plus sign and tap New Memoji.
  • Select your skin shade.
  • Pick your freckle level.
  • Select your hairdo.
  • Pick your head shape, age, and chin.
  • Choose your eye form, eye shade, and also eyelashes.
  • Choose your eyebrows, eyebrow shade, and brow form.
  • Select your nose, lip shade, and also lip form.
  • Select your ears, earrings.
  • Choose your face hair as well as its colour.
  • Select your glasses and its shade.
  • Choose your hat and also its shade.

10. Educate Siri How to Correctly Pronounce Names

Siri may not be stating your friend’s name correctly, but you can deal with that!

  • Hold the home button or claim, “Hey, Siri” to cause Siri
  • State, “That’s not exactly how you pronounce [name.]
  • Say your good friend’s name
  • Siri will certainly use four pronunciation choices
  • Select the right enunciation

11. Personalized Vibrations

You may already have customized ringtones for when certain friends as well as loved ones call, but that does not been available in useful when you have your phone on silent though. Your apple iPhone lets you create and also appoint personalized vibrations to particular calls. Right here’s what you have to do:

  • Open up the Settings app
  • Select Appears & Haptics
  • Select Ringtone
  • Select Resonance
  • Tap Develop New Resonance
  • Produce a brand-new resonance by tapping and also holding however you desire
  • Tap Stop in the bottom right
  • Tap Save in the top right
  • Call the resonance

After you create the custom-made vibration, below is what you need to do to appoint it to a call:

  • Open up the Contacts application
  • Pick the call you want to designate the custom-made vibration to do.
  • Tap Edit on the top right edge
  • Select Vibration
  • Choose the new vibration that you created previously

12. Use your Keyboard as a Trackpad

You might not have actually understood that your apple iPhone’s keyboard can function as a trackpad This way you can relocate your arrow a lot more precisely rather than tapping and holding on the screen to bring up the magnifying glass. To utilize this function, you require an iPhone 6 or later.

  • While you are inputting a message, strongly press as well as hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad.
  • Drag your finger around to move your arrow with the text
  • When the cursor is where you desire it to be, simply release

If you have an older iPhone that does not have 3D touch, we recommend you install the third-party keyboard, G-board, which allows you utilize the spacebar as a small trackpad to swipe via message.

Benefit keyboard idea:

Rather than touching the 123 switch near the bottom left of the keyboard, tapping the personality you desire, and after that touching the 123 button once again, just hold the 123 button, glide your thumb to the personality you want to use, then raise your thumb up off your display. The character will be input, and your key-board will certainly go back to regular without taking the extra action of tapping the 123 button once more.

13. Usage Your apple iPhone as a Level

Most individuals rarely utilize the Compass app that’s pre-installed on their iPhone. Within the app is one more tool you may not have actually known about: a level. Here’s how you conveniently accessibility it:

  • Open the Action app
  • Tap Level at the bottom right
  • Lay your phone level versus the surface you need to examine levelness for

If you tap the display, you can measure the difference in between the two surface areas. The red margin demonstrates how much the two angles differ.

14. Backspace on the Calculator

The Calculator app on the apple iPhone simply doesn’t work along with the original point. Because there’s no tactile feel to it, you may mistakenly press an essential you really did not mean to. So, you click the C or A/C button to begin again, right? INCORRECT. The apple iPhone calculator application has actually had a backspace button all along! It’s as very easy as a solitary step:

Simply swipe to the left or the right at the top of the display where the numbers are shown. Your swipe will remove the number you touched last.

15. Turn on Medical ID Section

Within Apple’s Health and wellness application, you should fill in the Clinical ID area. This will not just can be found in useful in case of a real emergency, however it can likewise help a good Samaritan return your apple iPhone if you lose it.

  • Open up the Wellness application
  • Tap Clinical ID at the bottom right
  • Faucet Edit at the top right
  • Ensure Show When Locked is toggled

Fill in the matching message boxes, and place your e-mail or social media sites manages in the medical notes area so somebody can return your shed phone

16. Hide Photos

Sometimes you have images in your electronic camera roll that your mommy wouldn’t boast of. When you hand your iPhone over to somebody else, they might swipe and see something you would not desire them to. Fortunately, you can stop that from happening by concealing certain pictures.

  • Open the pictures app
  • Open up the album where the photo( s) you wish to conceal reside
  • Tap Select at the top right
  • Select the image( s) you intend to hide
  • Touch the share symbol at the bottom left
  • Touch the hide icon near the bottom right
  • Tap Conceal Picture

17. Set a Rest Timer

If you such as to listen to music or podcasts prior to you go to sleep, you’re most likely to like this method. The iPhone consists of a timer in the clock application that can quit audio playback from any app

  • Open the Clock app.
  • Select Timer at the bottom right
  • Establish the length of time you desire the timer to be
  • Tap When Timer Ends
  • Scroll to the bottom of the checklist and also faucet Stop Playing
  • Tap Set at the leading right of your display
  • Press the Begin button

Drop off to rest without fretting about your apple iPhone battery being dead in the morning from leaving your music on

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SEO checklist for year 2014

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

SEO played a very strong and a widespread role in the year 2013 with lots of changes in the main part of the SEO world “Google”. Search engine algorithms were modified and published all throughout the year with many changes and SEO began to go a whole different path.

As the main search engine around the world “Google” has played a very important role in the SEO world in year 2013. The main changes that Google algorithm went through are the updates of Penguin and Panda as well as the whole new Hummingbird algorithm. It was a very busy year for the SEO world and it will be the same for the year 2014 as well.

What about the things we learnt from year 2013

In 2013 the targeted areas of the main updates in search engine algorithms were aimed to find the fraud websites that are cheating their way to the top of the search rankings and the websites that are providing worthless content to the visitors.

This will be carried to the year 2014 undoubtedly, because Google is trying to provide the best out of all to the visitors. They will definitely add adjustments to their Penguin and Panda algorithms in order to continue their work targeting the quality of the content and the quality of the links. By understanding what has really happened in the SEO industry throughout the year 2013, we can surely be ready for the upcoming changes that we are about to face in the year 2014.

Content marketing will begin to evolve hugely

Content marketing also plays a huge role in the current SEO world. It will become a more mature marketing strategy in the year 2014. Google will be supporting the businesses with strong and delicate content marketing strategies throughout the year in order to build up a good audience. Supporting this kind of content marketing strategies will help Google build up its audience throughout the year and they have started this work by their algorithm updates.

Businesses and companies need to pay more attention to their content marketing strategies in order to become Google’s favourite. It is time for you to make changes to your existing content marketing strategies and to mix up the colours a little bit to become an iconic part of the SEO world.

Social media will continue its popularity among SEO world

Social media networks have been a very important part of the SEO world in the past few years. Facebook and Twitter play the most popular parts of the social media on SEO world. But as every business and company is using this social media as a marketing strategy for their purposes, you need to create a big network of social media graph to your SEO. Since these social media evolved among the year 2013 in many ways, you need to find new ways to overcome the other companies and businesses.

You need to focus on using the original and quality content on your websites and on any of your SEO works, so that Google and every other search engine will make your website come up to the top of their search results. Using every type of social media around you with the quality and original content can be the next turning point of your SEO strategy.

Using Google+ to back up your SEO strategies can also help you build up an audience for your website as well as it will help you climb up the search engine result ladder. If you look at the things that happened in the SEO world around the year 2013 and implement the most successful strategies to your business or company, 2014 will definitely be a successful year for you and the ones around you.

7 Top SEO tips for 2019

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

The magic word for a succesfull website in 2019 is SEO and every website owner is looking for ways to raise its traffic and improve its ranking on Google.

Below you can read 7 top SEO tips for 2019 that work and will make your website thrive and dominate your market niche!

1 Find your niche

Several years ago l read an article titled Get rich in your niche and l found it very attractive and made sense to me to find a niche and dominate it. It is very essential to market your business correctly in your market niche instead of covering a huge market that it is impossible to compete.

2 Find the money keywords of your niche

The second step is to find the money keywords of your website and built the website around them. The money keywords are the keywords that bring the money to your website. They are the search terms the potential customers are using to find your product or services with a buying intention.

3 Create a landing page for every keyword

A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when entering your website. It fair enough to have only one landing page for every keyword you want to rank to avoid keyword cannibalization.

4 Optimize the landing page

As you notice it is like we have a step by step guide here and the fourth step is to optimize the landing page. Optimization includes the following:

  • Write a compelling title
  • Write more than a thousand words with useful information about the topic
  • Be specific and describe your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Use at least one good photo or a video
  • Use internal links and at least one relevant external link to an authority site

5 Work you site speed

Site speed is one of the most critical ranking factors for 2019 and you must try not to exceed the two seconds load time barrier. You may find your real site speed by using the Pingdom Tool.

The optimal website speed is for 2019 one second or one and half.

6 Optimize for mobile phones

Mobile search is the number one searching method today with more than the 90% of the population to use the mobile search in his every day life. You need to think mobile first and then to optimize for the pcs and laptops.

7 Build quality backlinks for every single keyword

You need at least one backlink from a good authority and relevant website so Google will crawl your website effectively and for sure. Then you need at least 10 to start ranking for the given keywords.

Backlinks must be natural and must look like this.

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