Clean the Sink Like You Have Never Done
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Clean the Sink Like You Have Never Done

Today we will reveal to you the most perfect and effective way to clean the sink by Apofraxeis Anagnostou. After all, the sink is one of the parts of the kitchen that gets dirty more and more often, as we use it constantly and daily.

Remove the marks

To remove the marks that have been created in your sink, use the special sponges-erasers with commercial detergent. Rub your sink with them and if the stains persist, use a little bleach. Then rinse well.

Disinfect properly

After adding the stopper to your sink, fill it with hot water and pour in a tablespoon of bleach. Allow the mixture to act and then dip in a sponge. Start rubbing the handles, the tap, and the surrounding surfaces. Be sure to wear protective gloves.

Caution: Do not use bleach in stainless steel sinks. If you are not sure about the material of your sink, prefer to use vinegar or baking soda. Also, avoid using very hard sponges.

Polish your sink

After you are done with the hot water and bleach, rinse the sink with vinegar to better clean the chemicals. Then apply it with a glass cleaner to give it extra shine.

Get rid of stains instantly

After cleaning your sink, make sure you are on alert so that it does not get dirty again with difficult stains. When something drips on him, add a little baking soda, leave it to act, and rinse. Before going to bed every night, clean it of water droplets with a clean, dry towel.

Keep your sink spotless with this magic recipe

For this particular recipe, you will need 1 cup. baking soda, 1 cup. salt, 1/4 cup cream tartar (you will find it in spice and herbal stores). Mix the ingredients and place them in a tightly closed container. Every 2-3 weeks add 1/2 cup. from the mixture in your sink making sure the liquid goes into the pipes. Then pour 1 liter of hot water.

Clogged Sink? We Have the Solution for You!

We have 3 different ways for you to quickly and efficiently unplug your kitchen sink! Apply any of them to the bathroom sink!

Recipe 1st

Dissolve 1 cup baking soda in hot water and fill your sink with this solution. Leave it on for at least 1 hour. Then pour 1 cup into the siphon. vinegar or lemon juice to thoroughly clean the sink siphon and eliminate even the most stubborn food debris. Rinse with plenty of boiling water.

Recipe 2nd

Another way to easily and economically disassemble your sink is to fill your siphon with ice cubes and pour coarse sea salt on top. Then turn on the tap to pour plenty of water and let it run until the ice cubes melt. The salt with the help of water goes to the pipes and expels once and for all fats and dirt.

Recipe 3rd

Make a mixture by mixing 1/2 cup. salt with 1/2 cup. baking soda. Pour the mixture into the sink and leave the mixture to act for 15-20 minutes. Then add a little boiling water and leave the mixture to act overnight. In the morning the sink will be unplugged!


To fight the bad smells that appear during the disassembly of the sink, all you have to do is rub its surface with a little Greek coffee.

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