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8 Reasons you are still single

You’re outstanding however you’re single. What are you doing incorrect?? Definitely absolutely nothing. Here are 8 reasons you’re single although you’re a catch from Athens escorts . 1. You’re As well Passive Yeah you have a great work, yeah you’re a fine-looking man, as well as yeah you open doors and also all that wonderful…

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Used before category names. Sex

The Hidden Libido Secrets for Men & Women


The Hidden Libido Secrets for Men & Women

Whether it is male OR females…we all have sexual problems at some point in our love lives! Even more so in the new age of “sexual dysfunctions” are doctors and medical industries pushing DRUGS into the equation, all in the hopes they “might” solve your sexual function and libido issues. However, call girl or call girls can also help!

BUT WAIT! What if I told you there was a 100% NATURAL SOLUTION for all sexual problems, MALE & FEMALE alike?!?! I’m sure most of us would have never considered that our “sexual appetites” were due to some chemical imbalance, and more importantly, that chemical imbalance could be literally CURED INSTANTLY by solving the root issues with either organic herbs or a few 10 minute phycological correction exercises!

The fact is ladies, WE ARE MORE SEXUAL CHARGED THAN MEN… That’s right. If you didn’t catch that, read it one more time. Women think and WANT sex “naturally” more than men! Therefore, when women are having sexual dysfunctions or problems concentrating on sex/love/intimacy at hand, it is a BIGGER PROBLEM than if a man has Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)!

What’s E.D.? Isn’t that for just guys?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the medical term for impotence, which is characterized by inability to reach and/or maintain an erection hard and long enough for the intercourse to be successful. One can talk about impotence, if in more than 70% cases of the coupling, there is no lasting erection, and such a condition persists for at least six months. An erection is a very complex physiological process of hardening of the male’s penis, which is triggered by neurotransmitters in the brain.

Without the sufficient stiffness of the penis, penetration is impossible. However, ED does not only refer to men and the phallus! Women can have ED which is often termed by low libido or low testosterone levels! These are huge problems facing women and they never even knew it! According to the Mayo Clinic, “Persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response or desire — that distress you or strain your relationship with your partner — are known medically as female sexual dysfunction or FEMALE E.D.!”

The sooner these sexual dysfunctions are treated, the better are the chances for quick recovery. Although, with our book, everyone will recover eventually (usually 1-2 months), those who act quickly and yearn to solve their relationship and sexually/orgasm problems are most likely to turn it around within 48 hours! The treatment of an erection can roughly be divided into psychological therapy (sex therapist, psychotherapy) and a medical treatment. The psychological treatment is based on addressing the underlying reasons. This usually results in a costly procedure in order to find a psychologist or sex therapist, amounting upwards of $100-$275 per 1 hour session, and the average bill coming to $4,728!

Depending on the problem, attention can be given to exercises (e.g., relaxation exercises and instructions for both, perception and excitation), the communication between the partners, the detection and possibly changing of negative thoughts and fears during sex. In addition, other aspects, such as tips for changing the perception and stimulation during sex itself play a great role in psychological treatment of ED. all of these things are addressed inside the book, with easy-to-follow tips and instructions for almost miraculous turnarounds in the psychology of sex and how you relate to it.


Orthodox Medicine VS The Hidden Libido Secrets

Sadly, the medical treatment, which is commonly based on prescribing such oral drugs (so-called PDE-5 inhibitors) as, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis is now an essential way out of the problem for many people (or so they think!). These oral ED drugs may help both with physical but NOT psychological causes. If the certain drug does not work or causes too many side effects, the treatment can be adjusted by lowering or increasing of the dosage or by changing the medication.

However, again this is another sad side effect of taking man-made drugs when natural and organic supplements exist without any side effects and they are MORE EFFECTIVE! These truly are the hidden libido secrets of our generation! It’s a billion dollar industry to keep the hidden libido secrets away from the general public and charge exorbitant amounts for easily purchasable herbs and organic roots!

No matter who you are, life and sex always becomes an issue, earlier in life rather than later. Take for example, the drug industry and its approach to “solving” erectile dysfunction (E.D.), low libido, how to raise testosterone, low sex drive and 101 other made up sexual diseases. All of these “diseases” are 100% correctable via organic and natural methods, these methods often take anywhere from 5 min. to 48 hours in order to be fully effective, this includes BOTH men and women.

According to the FDA 45% of the population has admitted to either highly considering or actually using an approved drug to improve sexual activity, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. However, what most people fail to understand is that all of these drugs are simply a man-made byproduct of something that was naturally 100% organic.

This of course being the only way to patent one of these natural products and sell it for 45,000% over what it costs to buy these MORE EFFECTIVE organic solutions! In fact, 30% of the population has sexual dysfunctions that they feel the track from their ability to fully perform sex with their mate, of that 30%, 70% are males. This goes to show that not only men have problem with sexual appetite and problems with low libido. Thus the question always becomes “How To Raise Testosterone”?

Asking how to raise testosterone shows that we have been fundamentally duped into what causes erectile dysfunction, low libido or low sex drive. Since many believe it is simply a lack of blood flow, then actually go after organic products and natural solutions, supplements like Viagra. But for some men and many women, the problem is actually a psychological one. These psychological problems can easily be cured within 24 to 48 hours, and after this natural and organic supplements may be used, and these supplements activate within 5 to 25 minutes.

Are You Ready For The Hidden Libido Secrets…To FINALLY BE REVEALED

Luckily, I have put together a very definitive and complete book (over 100+ pages) on Issues/Solutions to almost EVERY sexual problem that both MEN & WOMEN face in everyday life. Discover the truth that your love life does not have to suffer even another single day. You will never need a prescription to cure your sexual problems, you will never need a psychologist, you will not even need a VIBRATOR to set the mood when you see all the natural herbs that are available to put the spice back in your life! NOTE: This book is for Males AND Females and is a complete discussion on both sexes and their sexual frustrations, why, how to correct them, ideas for more playful and interactive sessions + 25 of the most potent “sexual aphrodisiacs” on PLANET EARTH (for men & women)!

You no longer have to look on how to raise testosterone levels anymore, with life relationships and sex new book The Secrets of Libido you will be taken through a 30 page manual for men and 40 page manual for women on how to raise testosterone levels within a maximum of two days! This includes 20 of the most potent herbal supplements on earth to improve blood flow and directions for men, all of these ingredients can either be bought in your local grocery store ordered online for less than five dollars.

A lot less expensive than even offbrand or generic brand erection pills, not to mention how much more effective and better for health they are. For women, there are 15 separate herbs that increase the sex drive inside of the female anatomy, and for women going through menopause their 20 ingredients to literally cure menopause! Believe it or not, menopause is simply a chemical reaction and thus can be neutralized through the correct ingredients.

All you have to do is list what the major problems are you have during menopause i.e.: hot flashes, mood swings, decreased in estrogen, decrease in testosterone, decrease or low sex drive, night sweats, fatigue, headaches, vaginal dryness and difficulty concentrating. All of this can be reversing cured with a few simple organic ingredients. Simply download the book and give it a try, all it takes is 48 hours. If you’re not satisfied, simply return the book within 30 days and get a full refund. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! However, for men call girl or call girls can also help!

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