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The Best Bags In Fashion

Women who love to stay updated with fashion trends usually go to great lengths to buy and keep the most recent trending accessories and also clothes in fashion. In this list, I shall be talking about the best and most glamorous bags that one can possess. They are absolutely astonishing and very fashionable. These are the kind of bags that a celebrity would buy for themselves. They are also made by the most valuable and luxurious brands in the world. Here is the sought after list

1. The Shoulder Bag from Burberry which costs $2,200. This would be Riccardo Tisci’s first handbag style, which is classic, feminine and structured. Not to mention, it is also beautifully cool. When you know a product is from Burberry, you can expect the quality to be perfect.


2. The belt bag from Chanel is a fantastic option that is going strong. When you want to buy a belt bag, you might as well go with the best option available. This Chanel bag comes in at $2900 and is available at Chanel stores worldwide.

3. Hello, Sunshine is a fantastic option by Edie Parker. All of your black accessories can move aside because there is an amazing dose of yellow now here to take our breath away. It is priced at $700, one of the more affordable options on the list, when compared to others that is.

4. Paco Rabanne is offering a very shiny and showy bag that they are calling “It’s Gold.” This brand’s signature chainmail is present on the bag and is properly done up in a very luxurious gold which is ideal for some cocktail parties and also evening spent in some posh places. In the day the bag shines while reflecting the magnificent rays of the sun. This one is priced at $1,450.


5. Another entry from Gucci would be the “She’s A Lady” and it as simple as it is elegant. It is a beautifully lady-like top handle bag which is sought after by countless people who are after designer and stylish handbags. It is also designed to last a lifetime. Priced at $3,980 it better last a lifetime.

Designer bags surely do make a statement. They give the wearer confidence and are also very stylish. The reason that they are usually priced so high is because they are made with some amazingly high-quality materials and none of them are mass manufactured. Only a couple of pieces would be made; somewhere between 500-1000. In most cases, they are even made by hand, which is why they also last very long. Most of them are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They make sure that you get your money’s worth in the end.

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