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How to deal with drainage clogging

Have you ever faced a problem with your drains according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς? Does the water not drain properly every time you try to use a faucet? Or does your balcony happen to be flooded by the gutter or well? These are just a few of the consequences that a clogged drain can cause.

There are many types of materials that can easily block your drain. For example, hair from your hair can slip into the bathtub drain when washing. Accordingly, food residues can end up in the siphon as you wash the dishes.

Leaves and tree roots in the yard or garden that wash away with the rain can end up in drains. Soap residues and lint from the washing machine. Finally, even debris from work and repairs on buildings and constructions can cause you a barrier. But before we proceed, we must tell you a few words about the sewer itself and what it is used for.

What exactly is drainage and what does it serve?

It is a large number of systems that make up a sewer. It consists of pipes, gutters, siphons and wells which are all connected to each other. These connections can sometimes be simple and sometimes much more complex.

In addition, each drain differs in size and not all are made with the same materials. The role of a sewer in a building is very important as its main job is to remove sewage and send it to the central public collection network.

A fully functioning sewer system contributes significantly to good public health and a clean environment. Also, when the drain is clean, then the water we use flows clean through its pipes.

But if your drain is clogged, then there is a high possibility of accidents from standing water and the resulting floods. There is also a risk for infections, for the appearance of rodents and other pests as well as a great risk for the buildings in which serious damage can be caused by the accumulation of moisture or the appearance of mold.

How is a successful drain unclogging accomplished?

It’s quite likely that you’ve tried to unclog your drain yourself at least once. Unfortunately, however, no home method is going to provide you with the results that a professional clog can give you.

Something very important to emphasize is the avoidance of all the clogging chemical preparations that can be found on the market.

Apart from the fact that they are a temporary solution to the particular problem, there is a high possibility that they will cause a lot of damage to the drainage pipes. This is thanks to their high content of toxic substances which can easily corrode, clog more or even break your pipes.

Our specialist technicians in blockages have the ability to locate the point of the pipe that has been blocked in time with precision and, on the other hand, to restore the network to its normal function easily and quickly.

Regarding the professional unclogging of sewerage networks

Once you call a plumber to unclog it, he’ll definitely have a manual steel pipe at his disposal. But, you can’t expect much from this particular tool when it comes to properly unclogging a drain system.

Our workshops rely on more specialized and modern tools than common spirals and almost never prefer to use a common steel. Below we will tell you some ways we can perform a blockage.

By using rotary machines

There are many sewer networks which are quite old and therefore more sensitive. They must be treated differently to avoid further damage to their pipes. In these cases, therefore, the blockages are done either with the use of electric machines or with pressurized water jet machines. And the most important thing of course is the experienced handling by a specialized drainage technician.

These are machines to which special components with rotating heads are attached. The power of these machines can ensure an effective blockage as well as a clean drain which will be free of grease, smoke and any other material that is likely to have blocked the drain.

Water jet with pressure

The main method that solves the problem of blocked drains is that of water jetting and it can only be carried out using a pressure machine.

The pressure machines are always equipped with nozzles and hoses of several meters which help them to penetrate into any drain pipe, regardless of its diameter. Their ability to spray water with great pressure ensures the complete cleaning of your drain as they are able to reach even places that are very deep inside the sewer network.

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